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Want Free Movie Tickets?

A simple movie night can be quite an expense when you add the cost of tickets, snacks and drinks. Newly released film tickets are especially pricey. Many times, you can attend movie screenings of films for free.

Movie Screenings are the advance showings of a film to a select group of people and the general public is not allowed to attend. These screenings are for research and promotional purposes. These advanced screenings are free and usually targeted towards specific people and areas. Besides a free movie, many times you will get cool swag.

Tickets generally go quickly and are restricted to certain cities. There are many different companies that give away tickets to screenings, so the first step is to find one in your city.

When you receive your tickets it’s good to remember the following tips:

  • Read the ticket. Many tickets are valid for 2 admittances.
  • Screenings are ALWAYS overbooked, so arrive early. As much as an hour early if then film has a lot of pre-release hype.
  • Take an ID, especially if the film is rated R.
  • Drinks and snacks are not included (sometimes you can bring your own!)
  • Cell phones and recording devices are not allowed. Especially with new phone technology – usually your bag will be checked and if you have a phone, you must return to your car and leave it there.
  • You should never pay for an advance screening ticket – they are always FREE.

Some screening tickets found online are first come, some are contests, some are random. These sites are ALL FREE to use.

Film Metro – screenings in 40 major U.S. cities

Free Movie Screenings – mostly in Boston (this site also sometimes has tickets to other non-movie events)

Gofobo – Movie Screenings, Movie Events, and Sweepstakes

Nielsen Movie View – Research company film screenings

Entertainment Weekly – Periodic free screenings of movies and TV series

Fox Searchlight – email newsletter alerts about screenings.

Poptimal – infrequent free movie screenings

The Village Voice – New York only movie tickets & other giveaways

Scene Stealers – Movie passes for Kansas City

Chud – movie-related giveaways and film passes

Good Luck and enjoy your Free Movie Tickets!


Tax-Free Shopping – Find Back-to-School Deals Near You

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Save Money - Shop Tax Free

It makes sense to try to save money every chance you get. Many states offer tax free shopping days with certain restrictions once or twice a year. Those who live in or near states that offer a tax free weekend (or week) can save considerably by planning their annual back-to-school shopping and large purchases around those dates. Click the name of your state below to find out when tax free weekend events are scheduled, and which items will qualify for the savings. Common items you can save on include clothing, shoes, school supplies, computers and software.

States That Offer A Tax Free Week or Tax Free Weekend*:

New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
Washington D.C.
West Virginia

Tips for more Savings during Tax Free Shopping days

  • Keep an eye out for “Early Bird” shopping hours and special deals that can add to your savings during tax free weekend (many coupons are not allowed during these days).
  • Dollar limits usually apply to each item you buy, as opposed to your entire purchase having to fall under a certain amount. Know the rules & be prepared before you shop.
  • Layaway items may be tax-free if paid off before the holiday ends, or if put in layaway during the holiday. The rules on layaways, rain checks and special orders vary state by state. Know the conditions beforehand to save the most money.
  • Check neighboring states. Planning a trip to visit the grandparents out of state? Live near the border of another state? See if those states offer sales tax holidays.